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While labels and symbols mean different things to different people, I like to think of myself as a minimalist with a passion for information. I am on a journey to obtain horizontal knowledge and experiences. I hope to try my hand at many different jobs and gain knowledge in many different disciplines. My goal is to to be a generalist in the same way the great historical figures such as Aristotle, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and others were.

One of the best ways to get this wide range of experiences is supposed to be through travel. I have already spent the better part of three years exploring online worlds and meeting people from many countries. The experience was largely positive, and the logical next step is to actually do it in the real world. In order to do so, I must arm myself with more languages, particularly Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, and French. I hope to travel long term, and work a local job and absorb the local culture at each destination. I intend to wear local clothing, eat local food, and most importantly, refrain from judgement. The areas I would most like to travel to as of now are North Africa (Algeria to Egypt), Central America (Mexico to Panama), Middle East (Lebanon, Syria particular), USA (deep south) and China (mostly coastal). To a lesser extent, I would also like to go to Japan, Brazil, Russia, India, France, Germany, Italy (Vatican), and Argentina but doubt I can live enough years to make that work. This is also further complicated by the requirements to learn Japanese, Portugeuse, Russian, German, and Italian. West and Central Africa, the Baltic States, Australia, and Cuba are certainly inciting as well. The adage seems true, so many places to go and so little time.

With so little time to spare, it would make sense to get started as soon as possible. I once thought a person had to be rich to travel and see the world, but I have since learned that it is may not be the case. By lifting the intermediate goal of becoming "successful" and making money first, suddenly a wide range of possibilities become available. Why run the rat race of long work weeks to make some wealthy CEO wealthier or to make some high power bureaucrat more powerful? Why not cast off the shackles of success and materialism and enjoy life for oneself? I will not fall into that trap of conformity. I will define my own freedom and keep it at any cost. Even if this decision results in facing death, hunger, and loneliness, I look forward to meeting those challenges. After overcoming whatever trials there may be, I hope to have quite a story to tell in the end.

The Hanged Man

hanged man public domain art

My Internet alias, h4ngedm4n, is named after the respective Tarot card I identify strongly with: the Hanged Man. Among the many motifs the Hanged Man represents, I particularly like the idea of reaching enlightenment through viewing the world upside-down. I too strive for enlightenment by considering life from multiple perspectives different from my own. Looking at something the normal way and then the same thing in a reversed or upside-down way can produce a greater understanding of that thing. The other actions associated with the Hanged Man, letting go, reversing, suspending, and sacrificing are mostly consistent with my personality.

The main reason behind the number 4s is the practical need of an unique identifier when on the crowded internet. I learned that the inverted number 4 is a representation of the Hanged Man's legs, and for the Hanged Man in general. Combining this symbolism with leetspeak, I arrived at the final result, "h4ngedm4n".